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Mich Mich Art,

Acrylic Pour Artist


Hi my name Is Michelle Franklin

I am a fluid artist living in North Carolina.  I became interested in this art form as a travel nurse during the pandemic.  You can probably imagine, that I've seen a lot through these trying times.  In an effort to distract my mind, I initially learned how to color in adult coloring books.  Mainly, I wanted to learn about color theory and how to blend colors.  Adult coloring progressed to fluid art or abstract art.  I draw my inspiration from the people I meet in my travels.  Fluid art is my passion!


What is Fluid Art?

Fluid art is also called acrylic pour art.  It is a form of abstract impressionist artform where I pour various mediums on a canvas or other surfaces. The paint can be manipulated by using compressed air, palette knives, or gravity.   Each piece is one of a kind and therefore, can not be replicated.


 Art in Motion

Through the use of computer-generated enhancements, I create stunning videos for each art piece.  These videos can be viewed when you download the Artivive App. After downloading the app, just point your phone at the artwork and watch the magic!

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More Art Videos are posted on TikTok:


Watch my art in motion



Middle Earth

Middle Earth

24x24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Acrylic.

Epoxy Resin Finish


16x20 Wood Panel. Acrylic. Epoxy Resin Finish


16x20 Acrylic.  Finished with Epoxy Resin.



Featured Artwork

Tropical Hurricane

All customized pieces are priced on the following:

  • Type and size of surface (Wood, Canvas, etc.)
  • Type of acrylic paint
  • Finish (Matte, Semi-Gloss, Resin)
All pieces are one of a kind. Therefore, they cannot be duplicated, but rather recreated in a similar design. All art is available on the following surfaces: Canvas, Wood and Glass.   Each piece is customized; therefore, you must contact me to discuss your specific needs at

Note:  Final cost will include shipping & handling.




Heather Angel Wings

16x20 Acrylic Diptych. 

Finished with Epoxy Resin.


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